May 1, 2018

More changes to my tent this year.  Probably more like tweaks than changes.  I've started displaying canvas prints up to size 40x30 inches.  They are kind of a pain to travel with compared to smaller sizes, but they display so much better, its worth it!  I've also replaced some aging bins so they are all now the same type as well as some of the carrying boxes.  Not very exciting, but I've found streamlining to be  part of the process to become a more successful at selling at festivals.

April 23, 2017

Had a great first show of the year in Savannah last weekend.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by! I unveiled my new booth setup with a mesh wall system (photo above) replacing the metal grid I had been using for the last three years.  Its lighter, easier to travel with, goes up and breaks down quicker, and most importantly looks much better.  All that said, my show schedule is already set for most of the year.  Here is a list of confirmed festivals I will be attending.  Lotta Savannah in there.

     May 6-7 - Savannah, GA

     May 20-21 - Savannah, GA

     May 26-28 - Savannah, GA

     June 23-25 - Athens, GA

     July 15-16 - Savannah, GA

     August 4-5 - Blacksburg, VA

     September 16-17 - Savannah, GA

April 3, 2016

Ready to go to Wilmington, NC next weekend, just have a few minor things to button up and all that's left is to load everything up on Thursday.  Weather outlook looks good for the most part, but it looks like I'll be dealing with windy conditions again.  On another note, I found out I'll be going to Savannah May 6 - 7 which always seems to be a good location.  I've applied for another show there over Memorial Day weekend, but still waiting on confirmation.  I've also made the decision to give Blacksburg another try, so I sent my application in last week.  Finally, I've created a new gallery for Athens, GA.  I drove up there last weekend and got some good shots, and I've already applied for the Athfest show at the end of June.

February 1, 2016

Starting to plan out my show schedule for the year.  Looking to apply to several shows in Savannah, Athens, and maybe back to Blacksburg...haven't made a final decision on that one yet since it is so far away.  But first up for the year, I found out today that I've been accepted for the NC Azalea Festival in Wilmington April 8 - 10.  Last time I was there, I almost blew away from the constant wind, but I've got a much better setup now to hopefully allow me to deal with those elements.

November 9, 2015

Heading back to Savannah for Christmas on the River 12/4 -12/5.  Savannah shows have been really good, so I'm planning on doing more of them next year.

August 18, 2015

Received acceptance letter this morning for Savannah, GA  Oktoberfest 10/2 - 10/4.

August 6, 2015

On my way to Blacksburg to the Steppin Out Festival tomorrow and Saturday. Come see my booth on Draper Rd off College Ave.

August 1, 2015

Starting today, you can see my display in my new vendor space at The Waters Edge Marketplace in Savannah, GA located at 5203 Waters Avenue.  Mention you saw this post and request an instant 10% discount (Can not be combined with other discounts or store -wide sales)

July 20, 2015

Just found out I was accepted as a vendor in Savannah GA at the Bacon Fest on September 4th and 5th.  The festival is located right off River Street in downtown.

July 12, 2015

Anyone looking for an excuse to go to Blacksburg, VA.......Aug 7th and 8th is their Steppin' Out Festival. I'll be there as a vendor on Draper Rd off College Ave. Just got back from there today where I got some great shot of the Cascade Falls.

June 25, 2015

Tomorrow, I'll be setting up for all weekend at Athfest in Athens, GA.